The pre-season collections : a key appointment.

Un rendez-vous clef
Essential for an efficient functionning of our industry, our traditional pre-season collections assure a coherent establishment to our clients in order to start each activity period under the best conditions. One of our main priorities has always been to favour our partners. The special conditions that we offer, in particular with significant discounts, favour our faithful clients, who assume their responsibilities then. Besides, those conditions are maintained for the restockings.

Restocking : the best service

Service gagnant
Because we know that our activity is not limited to seasonal periods, we take care of you all year round with an efficient restocking service delivered in 24 to 48 hours. Whether it be with our permanent range of products available all year round or with our "season's essentials" (stretchy poly wool trousers, coton and comfort jeans, our stretchy velvets...), we propose a large range of products which just want to bring simple solutions to our clients.

Real opportunities

No blathering, nor illusions : real opportunities are regularly proposed ; whether it be thanks to purchases closely negociated or thanks to our will make our clients benefit from good deals on end of season series. Indeed, why not think first of our clients which follow us regularly ? Factory stores ? We don't have any... Spread out on private sales websites ? We do not share this orientation harmful for the organised trade.

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