Commercial tools

Outils commerciaux

A commercial team in the field

Largely beyond the classical concept of sales representation, our commercial representatives pay a close attention to you in the field. You don't know your spokesperson yet ? Don't hesitate to contact us.

An internal commercial team

At your complete disposal everyday from 9 a.m to 12.30 and from 14 p.m to 18 p.m, Alexa, Martine and Valérie are happy to answer and advise you. Their active listening is generally very well-liked.

The website

Fully dedicated to our clients, especially the costumer area, real interactive platform, easily reachable 24h/24. Complete visualisation and availability in real times of all our products, order tracking, specific operations (internet), almost instant virtual array editing... And many other features to discover (bookmarks, hiding the price for consumers' visualisation, ask for sampling...) : an ever-changing complete and precious kit. Try it, you will no more be able to do without it.

The permanents

Service gagnant
One can consider them as "unavoidables", or call them "regularly stocked products", they are essential. They are generally baseline products, such as black, grey or navy blue trousers and suits… So basic but too often forgotten ! The size chart go to the 68, for trousers as for jackets, for most of the items proposed. We do our best to make them available all year round.

The seasonal essentials

Service gagnant
We can consider them as the "little brothers" of our permanent products : thanks to their composition, their naturally belong to a more maked seasonality notion. We propose a great restocking service for those seasonal essential clothes, following on from the main order deliveries. Baize-poly wool, flannel and stretchy velvets in winter ; poly wool and stretchy cotton in summer ; that is an exemple of this kind of products. Here again, our only motivation is to help you to optimise your activity.

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