Les marques

NINO LORETTI...chic and comfortable

Tradition, elegance and comfort : Nino Loretti was created for demanding men, concerned about their image and their well-being at the same time. The cuts were designed for a perfect wearability, and the fabrics were chosen for their natural quality and liability. Moreover, Nino Loretti develops a unique know-how regarding the stretchy trousers (ideal travel range). Did you know that it was in our workshops, in the early 80's, that the specific stretchy trousers manufacturing technology was developped? This experience was improved over the years : stretchy belt manufacturing (a true homemade technique), supplies choice, ironing... The jackets are manufactured in one of the most prestigious European workshop, with a close attention paid to the overall quality. The famous Italian brands (Vitale and Barberis, Zignone and Tallegno) perfectly illustrate this positionning thanks to a top-of-the-range suits offer with a unique price-quality ratio.

Nino Loretti

KAMAO...creative and fashionable

More creative products, cuts slightly adjusted, original finishes, innivative materials : this range was conceived for those who like fashion but who stay demanding about quality. "Feeling good in the city" and evolving with the times : this is how the Kamao spirit could be defined. It will be able to gather together those for whom distinction and innovation make sense.


FRANCK ELISEE...for the bride and groom

When the clothes mark the occasion… Especially dedicated to the wedding world, the range Franck Elisée proposes celebration suits, in order for this special day to become exceptional.

Franck Elisée

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